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How do I change my password?

Go to your DASHBOARD and then PROFILE, where you edit your information. On the left hand side you will see, "Account Settings". When you click on this, it will allow you to change your password.

I forgot my password.

If you forgot your password, ask us for a password reset in the form at the bottom of this page. We will send you an email that will allow you to create a new password.

I'm here. What is the first thing I need to do?

Through your PROFILE page, you will be led through a series of editing options. They will allow you to add and crop a photo and to fill out your profile for others to see. It's very important that you go into "Account Settings" in your PROFILE editor so you can adjust your notifications. You don't want to miss a message or invitation. 

Is there a size limit for my profile picture?

Most photos will work as long as they are larger than 200 x 200px. There is a file size limit of 10MB but a photo that large is rare. The built in editor will allow you to crop your photo before it goes live.

How do I get back into my Event Portal?

You will continue to be able to click into any event via the left side of your DASHBOARD or PROFILE.

What is an About Me Statement? What is a "pitch"?

You can edit both of these, at the same time, under ABOUT ME / INTRO in your PROFILE editing. Your pitch is one sentence that describes you best - come up with your best "Elevator Pitch". This will show up under your photo on the search pages.

Your About Me Statement is a paragraph or two about who you are on a personal level. You don’t have to put your entire resume on your About Me Statement. This is more about what makes you, you.

What is "Demographics" in my PROFILE editor?

Demographics is completely optional and all user information filled out, is private and does not show up anywhere on the site. LexTotus may use this information to come up with new events to better serve underrepresented groups.

How do I control my alerts and emails?

Go to DASHBOARD and then PROFILE, where you edit your information. On the left hand side you will see, "Account Settings". When you edit this, it will allow you to control your emails and alerts. You can change this as often as you want.

How do I send someone a message?

Go to the user's profile page and click the green SEND MESSAGE button under the photo.

How do I check my messages?

You can click on the Main Menu icon, on the upper left side of your screen and click on the MESSAGES button. When you are in DASHBOARD or PROFILE, you will also see a messages option on the top of your page. You can ship your messages right into your cell’s email by adjusting your alert setting. Just go into your PROFILE and click on "Account Settings" on the left hand side. You can then edit how often you get alerts. 

What is Short List?

Law students can Short List 10 organizations or attorneys that they are interested in talking to. These attorneys will receive an alert when a student adds them to their Short List. It is up to the attorneys whether they will reach out to these students, or not.

How do I Short List someone? How do I delete them from my Shot List?

On a user's profile page, there will be a green button under their photo that says, "Add to Short List". When you click on that, that person will be added into your Shortlist page. On your Short List page, there is a delete button, above every photo.

Where is the Main Menu?

Your Main Menu is on the upper left side of your screen. Click on the three bars and there will be a dropdown box.

How do I keep track of my meetings?

On your DASHBOARD or PROFILE pages, there is a MEETINGS link at the top. All of the meetings/video chats that you were invited to, accepted, or set up yourself, will end up on this MEETINGS page.



If you have shared your microphone/audio and other users are still unable to see you, please update your browser and restart your computer. Older versions of certain browsers may cause complications.

How do I send an invitation to video chat?

If you are going to hold a meeting with another student, make sure this student is also in your Short List. When it is time to have your meeting, go to the Main Menu bar on the upper left side and click on Video Chat. You have now opened up your own, private chat room. You can click on any of the names on the right side of the page and that person will be invited into that chat room. This is a great, free way to get to know students at other schools.

How secure is this video chat?

LexTotus utilizes SSL certifications. Only the people you have invited into your video chat room will be able to participate.

Can I invite multiple people into a video chat room?

Yes, you can invite multiple people from your Short List, into your chat room.

We have finished our video chat meeting. How do I delete my chat room?

Anyone in your meeting can leave your chat room by clicking out of it.

There is a red "X" in your video chat room. If this is your chat room, when you click on that "X", the room will cease to exist and everyone will be directed to their HOME pages. Only the owner of that chat room can do this.

If you do not press the "X", that chat room will cease to exist after 3 hours.

How do I accept a video chat invitation?

When someone sends you an invitation to video chat, it will end up on your "Dashboard" and in "Notifications".

How do I make sure my video chat works properly?

Video chat works best when using Firefox or Chrome. Make sure that you have allowed our website to use your camera and microphone. Before an important video chat, we recommend you test out your functionality.

If you are using a Mac and are having issues with video chat, reboot your computer.

If you have shared your microphone/audio and other users are still unable to see you, please update your browser and restart your computer. Older versions of certain browsers may cause complications.


How do I report inappropriate behavior, bullying, or someone who is not a law student or attorney?

LexTotus takes these issues very seriously. If any of the above situations arise, please send a detailed account to the following email address, We investigate every report. If a user has claimed that you are not who you say you are, we may contact you. After our investigation, if we deem that a user has behaved inappropriately or is not a law student or lawyer or administrative assistant, their account will be deactivated.

How do I participate in events?

You must be a member of LexSchola in order to participate. If you are a law student, sign up on the landing page. Fill out the registration form and an email will be sent to you that will allow you onto the site.

After you have clicked on the registration email (check your junk/spam folder as it may end up there), you can click on the "My LexSchola" drop down box on the upper left corner. Clicking on "Edit Profile" will allow you to fill out your profile for the event. Your profile looks like a resume but will also allow users to see who you are beyond your profession.

After clicking on "Events" under "My LexSchola", you will see a page with a list on it. You just need to click the event’s REGISTER link. It will ask you what your role will be during the event. It's that simple.

On the day of the event, an "Event Portal" will appear on your Dashboard. It is a large banner and when you click it, you will find yourself in the event and able to see the other participants. When the event is over, this Event Portal will disappear but the contacts you have made will remain in your account.

The Event Portal will look very different from LexSchola. It may combine participants from LexSchola and it's sister site, LexVita (attorneys) and will display colors and fonts for the particular event. The role you choose for the event will determine which search page you end up on. You can direct message participants in order to expand your network or inquire about employment opportunities. You can choose how to connect but LexSchola does offer a video feature.

How do I delete my account?

Email in order to delete your account. This is an irreversible action and will result in the loss of all of your account information so please be sure before you delete your account.

Where is LexVita based?

The networking website you are using is a product of LexTotus. We are an award winning team of attorneys and techies from Colorado, Ohio, Tennessee, and Seattle. LexTotus is based out of the United States and the company’s jurisdiction is Hamilton County, Ohio. We are focused on quality of life and diversity in the legal profession.

I'm interested in hosting an event using LexSchola. Who do I talk to?

Email with as much information as possible. Include your contact information and we will get back to you within 48 hours. We do not open attachments.

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